We believe in meaningful B2B brands that inspire the world. Together with our clients, we create strategies to motivate prospects, engage customers, and turn employees into fearless advocates of the brand.



the interview

A face to face session to explore current status, draw up your company's brand story, analyze your competitors and customers.

the brainstorm

Designing the strategy, according to your desired outcome, agree on the brand road map, projected budgets and expected timelines.

the prototype

Creating a blueprint of how your new brand will look like and list the elements and templates necessary for your company going forward.

the evolution

Ideas and blueprints evolve into the final Brand manual, containing all the Visual identity elements, the templates and guidelines for an easy implementation.

the launch

The discovery journey, from thought to final product, got you closer to showing your company's story to the world. You are now ready to reveal your true colors!


Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning and Tagline
Brand Messaging
Tone of Voice
Brand Values and Behaviors
Company and Product Naming

Brand Identity

Visual Identity
Logo and Visual Elements
Brand Guidelines
Marketing Templates

Digital Branding

Digital Strategy
Content Strategy
Content Development
Website Design

Sales Empowerment Tools

Company Presentations
Catalogues and Brochures
Product video animations
White papers
Product Data Sheets
Case Studies
Email Marketing
Multi-channel Targeted Campaigns


Visual communication is an essential part of your businesses's problem-solving strategies. Through imaginative and smart concepts, and a combination of symbols, images and text, our Design Team forms unique visual representations of ideas and messages.

By bringing together typography, visual arts and page layout techniques we create compelling visual compositions for corporate design, editorial design, advertising, web design, communications, signage.

We create clear and compelling web oriented or print design that meets the requirements of the user story, whilst solving current and future creative challenges.


Having a BA in English and French, Oana evolved from being a copywriter, to PR, and next to Marketing Communications Manager. She puts the "playful" in our team and is always looking for the next challenging product to sell, since "everyone can sell a pair of sexy shoes, but selling an industrial product is where the real fun begins."

Keeping up with design trends and technology, and finding just the right angle to showcase a product, Alin brings artistic flair into the mix. Our team gains an excellent sense of graphic and motion design, and a beautiful mind creating and visualizing ideas.

Detail oriented and multi-faceted, Cipri is our mighthy Brand Strategist. He finds ingenious ways to enhance the branding of a product or service, as well as develop a marketing plan through analysis of current market data and trends. He extensively studied statistics and research analysis and is incredibly forward-thinking, anticipating future trends and foreseeing the success of a product or service.



Together, we come with over 10 years of experience across a range of industries, including industrial manufacturing, engineering, technology, travel & leisure, and other professional services.

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